Site Layers

Are you a web designer looking for quick way to make working prototypes for clients? Perhaps you’re a project lead trying to communicate changes to your team. Maybe your a business that just lost it’s designer and cannot locate any of their source work.

YourPlatform can help save valuable time and money by converting your existing website into it’s individual elements – and providing you with a layered Photoshop file you can start working with immediately!

We can convert any* website’ HTML, saving every page element (images, links, blocks, text, etc…) as separate uniquely names layers. And layer groups will be created according to your site’s structure!

Site Layers

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    HTML to layered PSD conversion of my website.
    I understand that YourPlatform, and it's agents, are not responsible for the integrity of the content of my website and are only providing an 'As-Is' conversion of said content.
    While the majority of websites can be converted, I understand that if my website contains javaScript scrolling codes, it is possible that this conversion process will fail or only partially complete. In this event, I agree to a refund of to 75% of the cost of this service.
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