WordPress CPR

Every WordPress site is unique and has its own challenges. You might be a blogger discussing your favorite restaurants and sharing images of your last meal or a local stylist trying to reach perspective clients. Perhaps you are a large company using WordPress as a part of the glue which holds your web infrastructure together.

There are different types of websites utilizing WordPress at different scales and complexity. What they all have in common, however, is the need to run smoothly and be highly available and safe from hackers.

[su_pullquote]Only 22% of WordPress sites are up to date[/su_pullquote]

Monitoring WordPress core updates and plugin updates and making sure they are installed is time consuming, as is testing the website after updates are installed.

With nearly 30,000 plugins available for WordPress, it’s no wonder that most site owners utilize multiple plugins on their sites. New updates are released on a daily bases. When was the last time you updated your plugins?

Updates are not just for adding new features to the WordPress core or to the plugins that you’ve installed. Important security releases occur on a routine basis. Keeping up with them is critical to make sure your site is not hacked!

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