You’ve done it! You’re backing up your website. But what do you do with those backup files? All those files ending in .zip or .tar.gz

How do you restore your website on the same server or move it to a new host or create a development environment?

With YourPlatform’s restore service, we handle all of the heavy lifting for you! If your site is hacked or you experience data loss, we will restore your site from backup. If you need to bring up another server or create alternate environments for developers or testers, we can do that too!

Restoration Services

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    Restoration of your site from existing backup.
    I understand that YourPlatform, and it's agents, are not responsible for any previous damage to my website and/or database. I further hold YourPlatform harmless and understand that my site might not be recoverable.
    I understand that in order for YourPlatform to successfully restore my site we require the following: 1) a recent backup of your website, including all the images and other media files; 2) a recent backup of your site's database(s) 3) administrative access to your webserver/database(s). 4) We may also need access to any dependent services which your site connects to (to restore access to those services).
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    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
    You will incur an initial charge of $250 today, which will be charged to the credit card provided.
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