Have peace of mind knowing that your site is automatically backed up. Daily, weekly, and monthly intervals are available and may be uploaded to a
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Need a home for your blog or website? Our highly reliable and affordable linux based servers are there to serve!


Do you need to make routine changes to your site but aren’t sure how? We can help!


Outages happen and servers go down. Data center networks have issues. YourPlatform will have your back! We will monitor your site 24/7/365 and maintain the
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Has your site been hacked? Do you need to move to a new server or bring up additional hosts? Combine our backup services with our
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There are more than 80 million WordPress sites around the world and while it is an excellent platform it is also a target for hackers.
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Site Layers

We save you valuable time and money by converting your existing website into it’s individual elements – and providing a layered Photoshop file you can
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If you are like us, you hate getting spam from the forms on your website. Today’s spammers and spambots can bypass captcha and will find
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Web Design

We work with you to design and build a website for your business or organization. If you are interested in establishing a presence online, we
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WordPress CPR

Wordpress sites need routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly. The wordpress core is updated routinely as are the plugins that you rely on to
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