My name is Larry Levine and for the past 15 years I have been working in I.T.

Of course, my first job had little to do with technology at all – I worked on a small boat, keeping it clean, for it’s owner. But the moment I put my hands on a computer for the¬†first time (a TRS-80), I knew that I wanted help people with technology.

After college in Boston I became a Police Officer and immediately took on the department’s computer training which involved continuous re-certification of officers on the National Crime Information Computer. With a heavy heart and deep regret, I left law enforcement behind and moved west for warmer weather.

I then joined a then growing dial-up Internet Service Provider called EarthLink as a tech support agent – I was eager to help others and get my foot in the door. I rapidly moved up at EarthLink through the years and overtime I was managing multiple data centers, engineering teams, process improvement, and product development. After EarthLink I spent some time at a startup and now I work at a few non-profit organizations continuing to help people as much as I can. But my passion to help people with technology has never gone away.

I’ve founded which is my way to provide solutions to you. All the services I am providing are based upon my years of experience. I know that I am, in many areas, entering a very crowded field. But I hope that you will find comfort in experience and personal attention – and a commitment to serve that has been with me from the very beginning.



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